Bespoke Dog Coats



Knitting and recycling to raise funds for dogs.


Welcome to my hobby website


where I sell hand knitted dog coats to


fundraise for dog charities.


Ready-made or made-to-measure coats


for any dog, at 50p per inch length of coat.


All profit to smaller dog charities.



Urgent request - Can anyone recommend a cheap and reliable webhost with an easy to use web building programme please?

On 22nd Dec, I was informed by my webhost One.com, that I would be unable to maintain my site for the remainder of my subscription period unless I agreed to a threefold increase in charges next year. This will require me to sell approx 10 weeks work just to pay for the site, which I consider unacceptable. The only alternative is to reduce the site to 5 pages which is unworkable. So, in mid May 17 this site will cease to exist and the e-mail address become unavailable. I can continue to be contacted on the yahoo address below and plan to be back with a new website during the summer. Hopefully with the same domain and e-addresess.




Time the old boy had a new coat - Nov 2016


Recycle your unwanted yarns and buttons or buy a 'ready-made'


or 'made-to-measure'


hand knitted dog coat to fundraise for dog charities.




e-mail: enquiries@lynnsbespokedogcoats.co.uk


in case of difficulty, please contact me direct on:







Last updated: 8.1.17


Wishing all my site visitors a Happy New Year and thanking you for your support during 2016.


Two interim donations have been made.


Late october

A big thank you to Laura of Posh Pods (www.facebook.com/poshpods where she sells hand made collars and leads) for her very effective facebook posting for me.


23rd May

At long last I have created a gallery where I can display a lot more photos of happy customers. See tab in menu or access from 'before' page.


4th May

Currently finalising 5 donations of monies raised in the tax year 15/16 and am able to pass on sums equivalent to 88% of the coat prices. Click here to see where it went.



29th March 2016

As expected, postage has gone up today and a basic 1st class parcel will in future cost £3.35.



Autumn 15

New 'Quick Buy' page added for those in a hurry.



May 2015

The money raised in the 14/15 tax year has now been distributed and equates to 75% of the coat prices.

Thank you to all my customers, those who help with publicity, those who add a little to their payments and the increasingly rare individuals who send me materials despite the awful postal costs.